A Personal Teleprompter for Vloggers & Video Creators


Jersey City, NJ: September 9, 2016

Tompter launches a campaign for a new invention: a laptop camera teleprompter using a mobile device for scripting. This teleprompter box clips over the monitor of most laptops allowing users with a mobile device, and downloaded software, to read scripts while directly looking into the webcam.

“I am thrilled about the buzz surrounding my newest invention,” said Tom Beattie, inventor and founder of Tompter custom teleprompters. “We hope to inspire all actors, video bloggers, and video creators to make better videos by using the same technology that the professionals use.”

The Tompter Micro 750 uses prompter glass suspended in a small box with a tray, and it clips over the monitor camera of most laptops. A mobile device with software is rested onto the tray, and reflects the script onto the glass. Apps are through third parties and work with this teleprompter. It also has LED lighting to help brighten the face of the talent reading the script.

As the holiday season is approaching, Kickstarter backers can increase their pledge and get a Tompter Micro 750 teleprompter in time for the end of December. “We wanted to make it available as the perfect gift for any aspiring actor or actress needing to create professional video, and be able to receive it in time for most major holidays.”

The Kickstarter campaign features different options and rewards tiers and the company is ready in case of a flood of orders. “We have partnerships with several laser cutting companies and plastics importers in the New York and New Jersey area ready to assist when this gets funded. It will be organized, and smooth.” While the Kickstarter funding goal appears to be based on approximately 150 orders, they are ready for 3,000. “We think it will be the hot gift this holiday for anyone in the video business, and we hope for continued successes in our funding needs.”

Tom Beattie is a custom designer of teleprompters using 3D printed plastics and metal. Along with a team of machine shop owners, he builds and creates specialty products for the video and tv industry.

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