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Big Corporations such as the famous Fortune 500 companies are using web marketing to their favor. LV MTJA 24 is a premier web design company in las vegas, nevada that provides services for vegas businesses and worldwide firms. In terms of SEO,  Having a little advantage of having good ranks certainly doesn’t stop these top companies strive and keep a constant level of marketing going on. After studying the pattern of large corporations, there are somethings that they certainly all have in common.

Top 5 Similarities that Big Corporations Have when it comes to Marketing on the Web by  LV MTJA 24

#1 Colors  ( Red, Blue, Yellow)

#2 Subscriptions ( Consistent Emails)

#3 No Begging for sales

#4 Power Words ( Best, Success, Get, Great, Amazing, Once)

#5 New Sales and Giveaways ( Constant Discounts)

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