Planning a Wedding in Baltimore

Baltimore is a city with a rich history ad a long reputation for weddings. Between its place in the American Revolution, Civil War, and modern Navy, Baltimore is steeped in military history as well. Who could forget that renowned writer and poet Edgar Allen Poe once walk the streets of Baltimore as he contemplated topics for his next great piece of poetry? When you sum up everything that is and was true about Baltimore, you get one fantastic place to have a wedding!

Where to Get Married in Baltimore

There are a number of great historical places that one could choose to get married in Baltimore, but in my opinion there is only one place that really captures the heart of this city. The waterfront in Baltimore is like no other waterfront on Earth, and the city is literally famous for the views. It’s different than being on a waterfront anywhere else with the chillier temperatures and the brackish water, but there is still a charm and romance all to its own. Plus, there are plenty of great hotels and restaurants near the waterfront to make it an ideal spot for entertaining guests.

Local Traditions

Baltimore has plenty of local wedding traditions, but none are more popular than running along the waterfront with lit sparklers in the hands of your guests. All you need to do is find out where to buy wedding sparklers in Baltimore which shouldn’t be hard with all the little shops around. Then, you just hand them out to your wedding guests, light the tips, and everyone is ready to enjoy the wedding with their sparklers in hand.

Great Photo Spots

There are also a lot of great places to get some unique wedding photos while you’re in Baltimore. Whether you are having an engagement photo shoot or you’re headed to a few key spots to get some extra photos on your big day, the mansions in the Baltimore areas are some of the nicest in the world. Since Baltimore is so historic, there are lovely mansions with very old architecture and landscaping throughout the area. Best of all, most of these mansions are available for photo shoots on relatively short notice and for a very modest fee.

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