Rocco Basile Shares 5 Online Software Programs You Didn’t Know Existed

Rocco Basile Shares 5 Online Software Programs You Didn’t Know Existed

The litany of online software programs currently available has made it increasingly likely that some of the most exceptional new developments fly under the radar for far longer than they should. This is unfortunate, but it is certainly not too late to take advantage of these relatively recent software program offerings. Perhaps what is most notable about each of the following online software programs is the fact that each one’s functionalities are so innovative and ahead of the curve that they could go relatively unnoticed for an extended period of time and still be capable of providing users with a completely novel experience through a multitude of functions aimed at increasing task efficiency and producing a vastly improved outcome.

1. QASymphony

qTest, created by QASymphony, is a purpose-built tool designed to help testers and developers deliver higher quality software at an Agile pace.  The qTest platform helps agile teams centralize and organize the test management process and provides actionable, real-time visual reports and insights that provide insight into quality, productivity. The platform can be integrated with JIRA and ALM — among countless others — making test case management a much simpler and more efficient process than ever before.

Leveraging qTest, software testing and development teams gain the visibility and control needed to ensure high quality software is being delivered at an agile pace. Enterprise companies like Salesforce, Office Depot, Adobe and Barclays rely on QASymphony to help improve productivity and collaboration with the Software Development Lifecycle.

2. Zoho

One of the more common tropes in modern sitcoms and movies is that of the messy and disorganized office worker who resists any change to his or her current system because they “know exactly where everything is.” While it is unlikely to find an actual example of this unrealistically exaggerated characteristic in the modern workforce, it is nonetheless the case that many prefer a personalized system of organization rather than an organizational system that is imposed upon them.

Instead of imposing order on the individual, Zoho allows its users to create a customized online database that meets the specific organizational needs of the user. Companies still utilizing paper-based processing can create a centralized data bank that is readily accessible and easily shared with others in any number of ways. This is not just far more efficient than a paper-based system, but it is also more effective and more secure than the alternatives.

3. Kashoo

Overshadowed by the relative enormity of what is perhaps the most recognizable software program available to businesses of any size — yes, QuickBooks — Kashoo is an online accounting platform designed specifically for small businesses. With Kashoo, the multi-tasking small business owner is able to quickly decipher the ins and outs of the software platform without having to sacrifice their attention from any other pressing issues or responsibilities. While other accounting programs have a steep learning curve, Kashoo is intuitive and includes a variety of features specifically designed for small business.

4. Userlytics

Web and application design can quickly become a speculative effort when the subject of usability comes up. There have been countless disagreements over which feature is more likely to increase the usability of the site or application, but Userlytics has contributed to the elimination of guesswork from this process with its simple usability testing software. Tasks and questions for the test can be quickly developed and participants can be invited for the purpose of usability testing. The test results are available quickly and are formatted for easy analysis that leads to enhanced usability.

5. Loop11

Loop11 is a usability testing software program that allows users to test the usability of their competitors’ websites as well as their own. The online testing software allows the user to test a limitless number of websites through a limitless number of tasks or questions posed to as many as 1,000 participants. The software is entirely web-based, which means users can generate greater response rates since there is no coding or downloading required.

Are you already using any of the suggested software’s that Rocco Basile suggests?

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