Furniture Trends Of The Future

When it involves decorating the perfect home, each style enthusiast is aware of that furniture can create or break an area. Picking the proper pieces either custom-made or West Elm can uplift your whole home aesthetic. In order to assist you to make the right sense of the furniture trends to look out for in 2019, we tend to check in with prime designers and business tastemakers for a few steerages. From blush-colored upholstery to distinctive, handwoven items to handcrafted authenticity, these are the top furniture trends to keep on your eye on in 2019. So, let’s explore them one by one:


Interior designer Kristen Pena remarks about this trend like that, “Out with the ancient, in with the oxidized oak. This year will fetch more ancient designed furniture and cabinetry which are blackened version of our tried and true white oak. It will ensure the comfy and grounding atmosphere in the home people are looking for.”

–Kristen Pena, interior designer


Famous interior designer Patrick Ediger said about the Luxe Headboard. He remarks, “Imagine of savoring sweet dreams at home nestled beneath sumptuous fabrics. Decorate your headboard in jewel-toned velvet and add a touch of elegance in the often restrained harbourage of any bedroom.”

–Patrick Ediger, interior designer


“The apparatus is swinging from crisp white, smoothly textural Scandinavian-inspired Hygge back to brisk, high-contrast scheme and massive statement compounding of materials and scale. Because the volume continues to show up within the world around us, folks can still become a lot of daring with their interior selections.”

–Emilie Munroe, interior designer


“Life feels precarious and messy right now. We are having more and more ping from our clients that they want to simplify their residence and inward. To that conclusion, we believe that we will be experiencing more multifunctional furniture in 2019.”

–Kristen Pena, interior designer


“A reversion of handcrafted authenticity, particularly when it comes to furnishing and decorative arts, buying mass-produced pieces will be much more trendy in 2019.”

–Andria Mitsakos, Hotel Design Advisor


“The new impartial Blush will definitely cover this year. It combines with greys and naturalistic elements for an appealing palette. It can be paired with bold and dashing colors such as navy, forest green, or citrine, and it lets the bold color to be the pioneer.” — Rob Royer, CEO of Interior Define


“Beds are mean to be more comfy and womb-alike. Too many things are going on in the world in this era, and we cherish to realize nurtured and immune when we go for sleeping or relaxing on our bed. Lots of upholstered headboards and footboards will put in the case in cordial textiles that feel like a warm hug.” 

— Joy Moyler, interior designer


“Currently I’m being flooded with these elegant geometric patterns. As we are passing away from tight tribal repeats and more into loose, over-scaled and asymmetrical shapes. Such a Perfectly Imperfect!” 

— Michel Smith Boyd, interior designer


“Our illusion and attachment with natural elements & the vivid texture they add to our interiors will be sustained. Natural elements such as stones, quartzite, and, even terrazzo, used in unanticipated series, merge luxury and especially in a way that makes indulgence a little more pleasing.” 

— Michel Smith Boyd, interior designer


“In the following year, be ready to embrace a curvy style aesthetic. Because the rounded furniture of the 1970s will continue to take over the places. The Rounded shaped back chairs are a flashy way to fetch the curvy trend into your sweet home.” 

— Anne Hepfer, interior designer

11. Fish Tank Coffee Table

“These mesmerizing tables are selling like hot cakes around the world. Fish tank coffee tables are not a new concept in fact they have been around for over 20 years. But its only lately that they have become the hottest furniture trend. They provide many benefits like relaxing the mind and soul and also help create a stress-free environment. If you want something out of this world as your coffee table then there is nothing better than a fish tank coffee table.” 

– Espresso Gurus, Coffee Table trends 

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