How is Quick FPA helping companies win big

There are plenty of bidding platforms for freelancers online. Quick FPA, a recently launched SaaS product is moving up in the chain pretty fast with its unique approach in the software development marketplace. Quick FPA is primarily a software estimation platform with a complimentary jobs section for people to post their software projects and get detailed estimates from service providers around the globe.

What makes this service unique is the estimation platform that enforces strict software engineering standards to ensure that the proposals are a result of thorough requirement analysis. Due to these high standards set by the software many lower end providers are automatically eliminated from the competition, making Quick FPA a clean and productive marketplace for software development projects.

Quick FPA can also be used to improve the estimation process within any software organization. The estimation portion of the product runs as a standalone service with all the tools required to produce accurate and detailed estimates. The system uses an elaborate benchmarking system for different types of software implementations. The benchmarking system ensures that estimates from different providers uniquely reflect their development methodologies and capabilities.

Companies using Quick FPA have confirmed that the implementation of this product within their sales process has drastically improved their sales numbers and they are able to close much bigger deals in less time. The main factor that is helping these companies is the speed at which they are able to produce highly accurate and detailed estimates which are almost 80 – 100 pages of documents for 1000 person hour projects.

Such detailed documents impress our clients immediately.” – said the CEO of a medium sized development company based in United States.

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