How to talk about sex with your dating partner

It seems so good to have someone special in your life. You are serious about your dating partner and now want to get more intimate. However, the problem is how do you initiate the talk about sex? Or if you have some fantasies, how would you let your partner know? If you are facing a similar situation, this article is for you.

Why you should talk about sex

Some couples feel embarrassed to talk about sex. They don’t reveal what they like or don’t, they don’t try to understand what their partners like and as a result the relationship suffers. You need to understand that sex is a vital part of a relationship and you should talk about it like everything else.

Improve your conversation

You can talk about sex only if you enjoy open communication with your partner. So work on your communication and make it clear, honest and open. Talk more about what you want from life, what you like about your partner and encourage her to open up also.

Be appreciative

It is important that your partner takes your words in the right spirit. So, be appreciative and use only positive expressions. If you want to get intimate, tell her how you enjoy her company and want to be closer. Appreciate her efforts and the things she does for you.

Express your desires

It is important that you are clear about your expectations. However, frame your sentences in a positive way. If you want her to act in a certain way or do something new in bed, tell her that you love what she does and want to try this now.

Share your fantasies

This is easier said than done. You may fear getting judged and so coil up. However, sexual fantasies are a part of sex life and everybody has their own take on them. Make a deal with your partner that both of you would share your desires but it is not necessary to try them. Instead, talk over them and decide which ones are okay with both of you. Try them and when both of you get comfortable, you can think of the other items in the list.

Talk about the practical things too

Talking about sex should not be restricted to fantasies, desires, and romping only. You need to talk about the practical issues too. Safe sex, birth control, and cheating should also be included.

Sex is beautiful. It brings two people closer and creates a bond that gets stronger with time. So, enjoy it and don’t forget to support your partner in breaking the boundaries.

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